A New Chapter

by | Nov 1, 2016

Change is never easy. After 6 1/2 years working for Linkages to Learning (LTL) and over 5 years working as an associate at Laurel Fay & Associates (LFA), I have decided to make a decidedly huge change. It was not an easy decision to leave not one, but two places that have supported me, taught me, and encouraged me to grow as a person and a therapist. However, I believe that it is because of these two places that I feel so prepared to venture out on my own and start my own practice. It is my hope to take all of the valuable experiences and resources I have acquired working for LTL and LFA and apply them in a new and unique way to my own practice, Family Therapy Center of Bethesda, LLC.

First and foremost, my goal is to provide valuable and supportive therapy services to couples, families, and individuals in Bethesda. As a Couple and Family Therapist, it is my belief that we are a product of our relationships. As such, the most productive way to create the change we are looking for is to involve those relationships that are most essential to us. These relationships may include our partners, parents, children, teachers and sometimes extended family and friends. My goal is to provide a safe and collaborative space where each person feels heard, and validated and where all members are part of the change.

It is also my hope to bring my unique experience and training as a school based therapist to my practice and the Bethesda area. Collaboration between therapist and school can be vital in helping to encourage change and growth in adolescents. Children spend most of their day in school and being able to be present and work with key staff involved in the student’s success can be invaluable to the therapeutic process. School based services also provide more flexibility for families who may find it difficult to find the time for therapy in the evenings.

While change is scary, it can also be exciting. And, I am really excited to make my vision and dream become a reality and continue doing what I love in a new way. I hope that you take some time to look over my website and contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. I look forward to working with you!