Katelyn Alcamo, MS, LCMFT

Clinical Degree

U. of Maryland, Couple and Family Therapy

Clinical Interests

Tween/Teen Concerns (i.e. Self Esteem, Anxiety, Depression, Decision-Making, Peer Issues), Communication Issues, Separation & Divorce, Family Issues, Relationship Strengthening.

Professional Background

I feel very proud to have had the opportunity to work with diverse populations and presenting concerns over the course of my career thus far. I believe that my work has really prepared me to be able to support most clients as they go on their personal or relationship journey. With nearly a decade of experience working in both Baltimore and Montgomery County Public Schools for county school based therapy programs, I have really developed a passion for working with children and adolescents. It is through this work that I developed skills in working with tweens/teens to help them build self esteem, develop a sense of self, navigate difficult peer issues, learn to manage anxiety and depression, and develop healthy decision making skills. I believe it is both my approach and my emphasis on building a strong, open, and trusting relationship that allows tween/teens to feel comfortable and safe exploring themselves and their goals with me in therapy. I also believe engaging the family in family therapy when needed is an important part of my work with children and adolescents. It is my hope to help families improve trust, communication, and structure at home. I also help families prepare for and feel confident in the launching phase of life.

While working in the school system, I also continued to work with individuals and couples at a group private practice in Silver Spring. Many of the individuals I worked with were facing challenging transitions in their life, trying to manage anxiety and/or depression or were simply looking for a safe space to explore personal goals. I also supported couples as they worked to heal their relationship as a result of infidelity, a breakdown in communication, or a general loss of passion.

Most recently I became interested in supporting families as they go through the process of separation and divorce. After working with numerous children and families who were struggling both during and after a divorce, I wanted to find a way to try and prevent some of the pain and problems. As such, I received training in collaborative divorce and now work with attorneys and financial professionals to help families navigate the divorce process in a way that best supports all members involved. As a member of the collaborative team, I serve as both divorce coach and child specialist. I am excited to continue to pursue this work as I think it is a very healthy alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Please check out my page on collaborative divorce to learn more.

As a Clinical Member of my professional organization, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), I also work to stay active in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy by participating as Secretary of the Mid-Atlantic Division of AAMFT. I also am an Approved Supervisor in Training and support both new and seasoned clinicians in their work with clients.

My Therapy Style

I consider myself to be a warm and collaborative therapist who strives to empathize with and validate each client’s experience and feelings. It is my hope to provide a safe space where client’s can be open about even the most difficult and painful thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I also work to be direct and challenging when it is clinically necessary to help clients become unstuck and move towards their goals. I draw on a range of clinical tools and therapy models including CBT, Solution Focused, and Play Therapy. I know that each client that comes into my office is unique and thus work hard to tailor strategies and interventions that best meet the needs of each client.

A Little Bit About Me Outside of the Therapy Room

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, riding horses, and being outside. I am married, have two daughters, Riley and Bella, and a dog, Cooper.


Katelyn is in the office Monday through Thursday and sees clients for morning, afternoon, and evening appointments.
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