The Confidence Coaches

Empowering People through Group Experiences

Why Group Therapy?

The Confidence Coaches is a collaboration between Kate Alcamo, LCMFT with Family Therapy Center of Bethesda (FTCB) and Allison Cohn, LCSW-C with Cohn Counseling. The Confidence Coaches seeks to provide unique group therapy experiences that foster growth and empowerment for people of all ages, genders, and abilities through participation in structured, out-of-office activities.

Group therapy experiences offer a unique opportunity to feel connected to those around you. It is important to mental wellness to feel supported by and related to others – whether it be people your age, your gender, or people who have similar life experiences.

Group experiences offer a chance to grow and heal by creating a safe space to learn from those around you. Group experiences and sessions can allow you the opportunity to feel supported as you find your voice and practice using it.

Why Confidence Coaches?

Unlike traditional group therapy that happens in the therapy room, our groups facilitate learning and change through participation in structured and engaging activities outside of the therapy room. You won’t just talk about creating change, you will actually do it with the support of experienced therapists and peers.

Some Experiences We Have Had:

Therapeutic Riding

Ropes Course

Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Performance on the Stage

Upcoming Groups

Summer Sessions Flyer

Empowerment Summer Sessions

Week 1: June 19th – 23rd
Week 2: August 7th – 11th

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