Many of us have a plan for how we hope our life will unfold, and one of the goals that is often in this plan is to start a family. When the time comes to take this step, there is often the expectation that with enough effort you’ll be able to conceive and everything will go smoothly from conception to birth. However, this isn’t always the case, and this realization can have an enormous effect on a woman, her partner, and all her relationships.

You are not alone.

While a diagnosis of infertility is very rarely openly discussed, estimates suggest that up to 15% of women in the United States experience infertility. While it may feel like you are alone in trying to conceive with no success, many other women are going through similar experiences. A diagnosis of infertility often times leaves women and couples feeling like they have little control while they are faced with a variety of treatment decisions and options.

Each woman’s experience with infertility is unique.

There are a variety of factors that will influence how a woman and her partner respond to this diagnosis and how they work through it. Depression and anxiety can often arise and seeking help for these disorders is extremely important.

Utilizing support groups can often be extremely beneficial, as can individual therapy. In individual therapy, we can process the grief and trauma that can come with infertility and address symptoms of anxiety and depression that are also quite prevalent in women who are experiencing infertility. Couples therapy can beneficial as well in helping improve communication between couples as they navigate the various decisions that they have to make during this time and help to maintain and strengthen the couple relationship.

Are you ready to get help now?

Our wonderful therapist Gaby Barber can support you through your journey of infertility. Reach out to schedule an appointment now.

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