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Dear Parent,

This too shall pass. That sentiment has become my parenting mantra. It is the phrase I hold onto when parenting gets tough, and oh, does parenting get unbearably tough!

Adolescence is a time in a family’s development that brings big responsibility and big decisions. As a parent, you will worry about your child’s success. You will stress about their choices. You will hope you have raised them well and given them the tools to help them move in the right direction. Adolescence will bring sleepless nights. But remember:

This too shall pass.

The adolescent years are distinguished by the pushing of boundaries, a rebelling against the rules, and an overall challenging of the system. While this fight for independence is normal and actually a sign of healthy development, it is likely to come with family conflict, tension, and extreme and unpredictable mood swings. During this time, you may come to both appreciate your teen’s growing sense of identity and independence and loathe the way they go about it. This time will bring anger and disappointment. But keep in mind:

This too shall pass.

Adolescents are driven to connect with peers and often social interactions take precedence over family time. You may miss the days when your child filled you in about every little detail of their day. You may long for the time when your child asked for family game nights or enjoyed watching your favorite shows together. Their bedroom door, now seemingly permanently closed, may become a visual reminder of the emotional divide between you. This phase will bring feelings of grief and loss. But know:

This too shall pass.

And when it does, because it inevitably will, if you were able to keep true to your parenting values, then your family will survive and may even come out of the chaos a bit stronger. This period will bring the birth of a new relationship. One characterized by connection, mutual respect, and pride. And this period will bring great happiness.


A child therapist and fellow parent


Apps - Divorce

  • Our Family Wizard: A secure app and platform for better communication between co parents.
  • Coparently: An app for scheduling, communicating, tracking expenses, and sharing and updating contact details
  • 2Houses:An app to organize a custody schedule, manage kids' expenses, upload photos and notes, and exchange all necessary information
Books For Kids:
Too Homes

My Two Homes

Dinosaurs Divorce

Dinosaurs Divorce

Its Not Your Fault

It’s Not Your Fault Koko Bear

Smart Girls Guide

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Her Parents’ Divorce

Invisible String

The Invisible String

Books For Parents:
Truth About Children and Divorce

The Truth about Children and Divorce

Sandcastles Way

Helping your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

What To Do When You Worry Too Much

Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap

What To Do When You Worry Too Much

The Co-Parenting Handbook

Books for Blended Families:


Building Love Together

Building Love Together in Blended Families

Building Love Together

The Stepfamily Handbook

Worksheets for Parents - Collaboration vs. Mediation vs. Litigation

Collaboration vs. Mediation vs. Litigation

Worksheets for Parents - Divorce Process Options

Divorce Process Options

Book Resources for Parents - Decoding Boys

Decoding Boys

Book Resources for Parents - Power of Showing Up

The Power of Showing Up

Book Resources for Parents - Confident Parents

Confident Parents, Confident Kids

Book Resources for Parents - Good Enough child

The Good Enough Child

Book Resources for Parents - Untangled


Book Resources for Parents - No Drama Discipline

No-Drama Discipline

Book Resources for Parents - Whole Brain Child

The Whole-Brain Child

Book Resources for Parents - Gift of Failure

The Gift of Failure

Book Resources for Parents - Parenting Inside Out

Parenting from the Inside Out?

Book Resources for Parents - Why Smart Kids Worry

Why Smart Kids Worry

Book Resources for Parents - Self Driven Child

The Self Driven Child

Book Resources for Parents - How to Talk

How to Talk so Kids will Listen

Book Resources for Parents - Anxious Kids

Anxious Kids Anxious Parents

Book Resources for Parents - Help Me Im Sad

Help Me, I'm Sad

Book Resources for Parents - Childhood Depression

Childhood Depression

Book Resources for Parents - Burnout


Tenets Of Effective Discipline

Tenets Of Effective Discipline

Whole Brain Strategies

Whole Brain Strategies

What Is Your Parenting Style?

What Is Your Parenting Style?

Fighting for Your Marriage

Fighting for Your Marriage

Seven Principles

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

5 Love Languages

The Five Love Languages

Take Back Your Marriage

Take Back Your Marriage

Divorce Remedy

The Divorce Remedy

Relationship Cure

The Relationship Cure

Things I Wish Id Known

Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married

What Makes Love Last

What Makes Love Last?

Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

Getting Past the Affair

Getting Past the Affair

Not Just Friends

Not “Just Friends

Dance of Intimacy

The Dance of Intimacy

What To Do When You Worry Too Much

Intimacy & Desire

Passionate Marriage

Passionate Marriage

Passionate Marriage

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