“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”

– Jill Churchill

Postnatal Therapy Group

If you are a mom looking to form connections with other moms in the area and learn concrete strategies and coping skills for managing the day to day stress that comes with this role, this group is for you! This closed group is designed for moms with a child who is two years old or younger. Each meeting will be composed of both a facilitator led portion followed by time to connect with the other moms in the group. The group is led by Gabriela Barber, LGMFT and Zoe Nasios, LMSW.

Whether this is your first time embarking on the journey of parenthood or your second or third, it is common to struggle with the many adjustments that take place during the postnatal period. Finding that balance between caring for yourself and your new baby, along with the various other responsibilities in your life can be challenging, while also settling into your new routines and a new identity. That’s why support is crucial during this time.

If interested please reach out to Gabriela Barber at gabriela@familytherapyllc.com or Zoe Nasios at zoe@familytherapyllc.com. The start date and time for the group will be decided upon based on availability of the moms in the group.