Teen Therapy

The teenage years are full of both exciting growth and unique challenges for both teens and their families. Some of the factors that make adolescence unique are a teen’s increased technology use, a shift in the importance and dynamics around peer relationships, developmental changes, school pressures, and their fight for autonomy. Because learning to navigate the often choppy waters of adolescence can be difficult, therapy can be a great resource for teens and their families.

Signs your teen may need to see a therapist:

Withdrawal from the family

Increased risk taking behavior

Poor decision making

Drastic change in appearance and/or behavior

Isolation from peers

Increased anxiety

Anger outbursts


Drop in grades

Self harming behavior

Withdrawal from activities

The therapists at Family Therapy Center of Bethesda have a passion for working with teens and their families. Here is what you can expect from both family therapy and individual therapy for your teen.

Family Therapy Focus

Rebuilding and strengthening communication

Exploring and negotiating rules, expectations, and consequences

Discussing healthy boundaries

Finding creative ways to promote a balance between dependence and your teen’s growing need for autonomy.

Teen Therapy Focus

Building a sense of self-worth and esteem

Learning ways to manage anxiety and/or depressive symptoms

Learning ways to navigate and negotiate peer relationships

Exploring and creating personal goals

Developing skills to assist them in reaching future goals

Developing healthy decision-making skills

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