Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which parties settle without resorting to litigation. The collaborative process encourages creative problem solving, and engages the strengths of a collaborative team of professionals (Collaborative attorneys, coaches, a child specialist, and a financial specialist) to achieve a resolution that is most workable for each client and for the family as a whole. All professionals share a mutual commitment and responsibility to collaborate with each other and each client to ensure that the process is positive and productive.

What is a Divorce Coach?

Divorce is often a very emotional process for people. And, sometimes those emotions make it difficult for people to work together to make decisions that ultimately will be best for everyone in the family.  As a divorce coach, Katelyn Alcamo works to help both parents strengthen communication skills, reduce stress, and manage their emotions during the collaborative process. Katelyn also works with the parents to create a parenting plan that takes into account each parent’s goals and interests as well as the children’s best interest.

What is a Child Specialist?

Separation and divorce can be extremely difficult and emotionally challenging, especially for children. After working nearly a decade with children, many of whom have struggled with the separation and/or divorce of their parents, Katelyn feels the role of child specialist is invaluable in the collaborative process. As a child specialist, her role is to advocate for the child(ren) and give them a voice during the collaborative process.  After meeting with the child(ren) and assessing their needs, she then communicates those needs to the coach and both parents in order to assist them in creating a parenting plan that is best suited for the family. It is Katelyn’s hope, as a child specialist, that she can help families come up with an agreement that ensures the well-being of their children now and long into the future.

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